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Brand News June 2019

Brand News June 2019

Introducing our fabulous quarterly Brand News, showcasing our labels from around the world.

Prayers of Sinners & Saints by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Design: Stranger & Stranger     Printer: Multi-Color Napa CA

Haymans Labels London Dry Gin

Prayers of Sinners & Saints is an innovative label by Ste Michelle Wine Estates illustrating how no matter how we appear on the outside, we’re all the same inside. The clever use of UV glow ink was instrumental in bringing this concept to life.

“Prayers of Sinners & Saints was a label project unlike any we’ve done before. Our goal was to achieve the most intense UV glow we could, while not revealing too much of the UV ink when the label was in full light. We wanted the glow aspect to be a fun discovery for our target consumer – not completely obvious, but with a hint that something was hidden on the label. We were looking for an engaged partner that could help translate our idea into reality and test multiple iterations until we found an optimal solution—Multi-Color Napa was just that. We are so happy with the results.”
Maggie Streng, Senior Marketing Manager, Innovation at SMWE

KWV Centenary Brandy

Design: KWV inhouse     Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

To celebrate their 100th year, KWV created this superb blend, in a limited edition of just a hundred bottles. It even contains a little of the legendary 1926 maiden vintage, as well as some of the single cask that survived the devastating cellar fire of 1942. This true tribute to KWV’s brandy heritage and excellence is reflecting in the high-end packaging presentation.

Multi-Color South Africa was proud to supply the label, a copper metal badge with 3-D embellishments and individual numbering that makes a solemn statement of rarity and value.

Alto del Carmen by Barricas de Seleccion

Printer: Mult-Color Chile

Barricas de Selección by Alto del Carmen’s label was inspired by the world of “Big Spirits” and how they express themselves. This Pisco is a soft and complex product, developed carefully with a selection of Moscatel of Alejandría’s grapes, distilled twice, and aged for more than 7 years in American Oak barrels.

The label was divided into two parts in order to give more emphasis to the condor’s flight (a national symbol). The top label using a clear material, has a base colour that is overlapped with a subtle glow and a “feather” pattern. The more traditional design for the bottom label uses copper foil contrasted with neutral colours, giving depth to the whole design and a more refine and classic look.

This project represented a major challenge, given the complexity of its’ design and execution. Multi-Color Chile was our strategic partner to the achievement of this goal, providing their best qualities: high-quality print, professional support and expert advice that are truly printed in this label.

Soaring by Cumulus Estate Wines

Design: Denomination         Printer: Multi-Color Australia

We briefed Denomination with creating a new, super premium on-prem exclusive brand to extend our Cumulus Estate Wines portfolio. The focus here was to compliment the visual language of our iconic Rolling and Climbing brands, emphasising sophistication and suitability for a premium dining occasion.

The label features a beautifully detailed Art Deco style illustration, created specifically for us. Lush golden foil work is featured on our heroine’s wings and leotard as she gracefully soars through the starry sky. Soaring wines are sourced from our high elevation Orange vineyard, where intense sunlight, a unique cool climate and a hand-crafted approach to winemaking deliver premium quality wines with bright fruit flavours and elegance.

“Our heroine gracefully soars high above the Cumulus vineyard evoking Icarus’s ill-fated journey, daring the radiant stars to melt her magnificent golden feathers. Her figure cuts an elegant silhouette in our cool-climate nights, while the glimmer of her wings is warm, like the first rays of sunlight on our vines. She rises from the volcanic soil of Orange as do the vines that give life to our wines, creating a unique and complex personality. She is bold, graceful, elegant… immortalised by our winemakers – she is Soaring.”

BACA Zinfandel by BACA Wines

Design: Christy Logan      Printer: Multi-Color Napa

BACA Wines had one mission in mind: to make luxury, craft Zinfandels with subtle nuances, that are honed and current. Wine for the curious, the adventuresome, the lovers of life, with a gleam in their eye and a penchant for the uncharted. BACA, the Latin word for berry, is the creation of next-gen trailblazers Director Jennifer Brown and Winemaker Alison Frichtl Hollister.

This clean design uses the combination of a bright blue background and emboss to make the foil pop.

“The team at Multi-Color Napa were fantastic to work with. As a new brand, we wanted our BACA label to make a statement, and we are so happy with the final product. With a lot of tweaking, they helped us achieve the right colors, embossing, as well as the perfect metallic copper color – not an easy feat.”
Director, Jennifer Brown.

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur by Jawbox Spirits Co

Designer: Drinksology      Printer: Multi-Color England

Just outside Belfast is a vast 300-acre country estate that dates back to the 16th Century. It’s home to both Jawbox Spirits distillery and the fields where the grain for their spirit is grown and harvested.

It is then triple-distilled on-site in traditional copper pot stills. They distil in small batches using time-honoured methods – plus a unique combination of botanicals, including local Belfast Black Mountain heather.

The easier way is not the Jawbox way. The gin is inspired by the magnificent industrial era in their history when ordinary men and women created greatness through graft and craft. They were responsible for many of the most astonishing achievements to come from this city, and rarely did it come easy.

“A deceptively difficult label to execute and one Multi-Color England’s took a very active role in. Their pre-press department developed the technique that would best substitute a physical emboss and one that would better present such a delicate and intricate background design. The same attention to detail was applied to every other aspect resulting in perfect execution and another happy customer.”
Richard Ryan, Drinksology

The label design took the graft and craft approach, creating many intricate design elements that really pushed the printing processes to create a truly astonishing label.

Multi-Color England is well known for its attention to detail and superior finishes it can achieve. Working once again with Drinksology to create an outstanding label they had to really think there way around this label. From the delicate hot foil elements to the fine emboss over most of the label, a no comprise attitude from both parties was taken and I think you will agree the Jawbox Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur label is a true showstopper.

Helix by Reininger Winery

Design: Bravo Design      Printer: Multi-Color Napa

When Reininger Winery decided to redesign Helix, the most important aspect was to focus around the roots of the region. As Helix’s premium tier developed, a wood veneer paper was the clear choice for an earthy tone. The challenge was creating holes for the “stitching” that looked authentic but kept costs down, which is why a deboss and clear gloss became the obvious path. A white foil is used for the copy, logo and stitching in order to get vibrancy without trying to register multiple whites. The results are a gorgeous, natural looking label that speaks to the heart of the Walla Walla region.

“We wanted all of the components of our Helix label to reflect the Pacific Northwest and our family’s appreciation for nature. These are small production wines and we wanted something truly unique. The wood veneer is tactile and compelling; you really want to run your fingers over it and look closely.”
Ann Tucker, Partner and Marketing

Curator’s Gin by Cambridge Distillery

Design: Gigantic Creative      Printer: Multi-Color England

Cambridge Distillery co-founders, William and Lucy, were inspired to create gins that capture the taste of the English seasons using botanicals grown in and around their home of Cambridge.

Every gin they have released has won international awards for quality, and their unique distillation methods have led to Cambridge Distillery being awarded three consecutive times as the most innovative distillery in the world.

For their newest release, Cambridge Distillery created in partnership with Cambridge University Botanic Garden, the Curator’s Gin which is available as an experimental batch of just 600 bottles, and is the latest release from their Prototype series.

Multi-Color England pulled out all the stops with the Curator’s Gin, using a specially shaped cutter, fine details to give the material depth, high build screen to make the brand pop on the shelf, along with creating a reverse print label, nothing was spared in creating this outstanding product.

Press + Bloom by VOK Beverages

Design: Voice Design      Printer: Multi-Color Australia

The Press + Bloom brand represents the dichotomies of wine. ‘Press’ remains static, unadorned and traditional. ‘Bloom’ is presented repeatedly, constantly changing with eclectic unique lettering.

The label is a bold, memorable aesthetic—solely presenting the product naming—yet typographically illustrating the brand story.

Denzien Urban Distillery

Design: Ewa Oliver, Graeme Offord      Printer: Multi-Color New Zealand

The design of this unashamedly urban New Zealand Gin was inspired by the coolest little capital in the world – Wellington. This is a city where contrasting ideas and diverging disciplines come together, shifting the nation’s arts, culture and politics.

The label design reflects the unique geography of Wellington City – where oceans meet, and tectonic plates intersect as well as the creative tension which makes Wellington so vibrant. The modern typography evokes the energy of the city while the bold colours and unique label shape give the label great shelf-standout. The central gold foil panel highlights NZ while adding a premium feel.

Flat Top Hills by C. Mondavi & Family

Design: Affinity Creative Group      Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Combining modern sensibility with deep winemaking tradition, C. Mondavi & Family launched a new collection of premium wines designed to elevate everyday occasions with their distinctly bold and full-bodied style. Flat Top Hills is a premium collection of vineyard-driven wines from the “G4” or fourth generation of the iconic C. Mondavi family, whose roots in California winemaking date back nearly 100 years.

Unlike any other label on the shelf, the refined copper-and-cream color palette and peek-a-boo cutouts allow for discovery.

“We were thrilled to work with Multi-Color Napa on our new Flat Top Hills label and the results are stellar. Great team, good attention to detail and accommodating to our schedule.”
Pam Novak, Brand Manager

Cum Laude by Banfi SRL     

Design: Officina Grafica      Printer: Multi-Color Italy

After over twenty years, Cum Laude by Banfi is renewed. An “epochal” change – to say the least – that marks the path of a company strongly dynamic and up to date.

Cum Laude takes its name from the academic “Con Lode”. Right recognition for a wine that combines in a perfectly harmonious way all four red berry varieties present in our vineyards of Montalcino: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

A captivating Super Tuscan, suitable for both more complex combinations and more disengaged occasions, today proposed in a new, linear and contemporary look, which best expresses the meaning of its name, Cum Laude.

An important and evident debossing, on natural paper, embellishes the graphics, designed by Officina Grafica and developed in collaboration with Multi-Color Italy.

Black Chalk Wine by Hillcrest Wines

Design: Pete Hawkins      Printer: Multi-Color England

Black Chalk Wine is wine proud of its English heritage, with roots firmly planted in the chalklands of southern England. They use the traditional method to create Black Chalk, using the tried and tested grape varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Black Chalk was used by the old masters to sketch ideas onto the canvas before painstakingly creating a masterpiece. At Black Chalk Wines, they hand-select the very best locally grown grapes before beautifully crafting each wine, they are not rushed but allowed time to age in order to produce English sparkling wine that stands out from the crowd.

“We found Multi-Color Englands professional in our work with them, and they really understood our needs as a fledgeling company. They didn’t confuse us with jargon, we worked together as a team to create our striking labels – we are absolutely thrilled with the labels for our Black Chalk Wines.”
Rebecca Leadley, Hillcrest Wines.

Although Multi-Color England works with some of the biggest brands in the world, they of course didn’t start off that way. To support and have the opportunity to work with vibrant start-up companies, that don’t want to have to compromise on the quality of their labels for short runs and why should they?

Multi-Color England and Hillcrest Wines worked on a solution of using digital print to produce the Black Chalk Wine labels, allowing us to keep the tooling cost to a minimum with the excellent print finishes of Hot Foil and High Build screen to really add an extra dimension to the labels.

Ceder’s Alt-Gin

Design: Simon Kingston     Printer: Multi-Color England

Ceder’s is a distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin made with classic gin and exotic South African botanicals, found only in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape. Ceder’s is bottled in Sweden, after blending with pristine Swedish water.

Seeking to create an adult drinking experience that doesn’t rely on alcohol, Ceder’s comes in three varieties, each pairing different botanical ingredients with juniper.

Working with Multi-Color England Ceder’s were able to pull from a wealth of knowledge to find the most cost-effective way to produce their Alt-Gin Label. Using Multi-Color’s proofing technology they were able to create finished products with just a few labels at a fraction of the cost of a traditional print run.

After refining the label design Ceder’s pushed ahead with the main label run. Multi-Color England were able to use the mockups to match as the material and finishes are all the same as used on press. Using an uncoated material generally found used on Gin products and finished with hot foil and emboss really give Ceder’s Alt-Gin and traditional look with a modern twist.

Guillaume Guerin Chateau Mouline De Blais

Design: MCC Design      Printer: Multi-Color France

The Guerin vineyards which have been a family property for many generations spread over the Bordeaux region from Blaye to Bourg and have 2 wine designations. By taking over this wine property, Guillaume Guerin marks the transition to organic agriculture. On this occasion, the redesign of the entire range of wine has been entrusted to MCC Design.

It is therefore the story of a transition that has to be told, something creative, concise and clear: create an elegant label for organic wine that has a subtle reference to the Zephyr wind. Each vintage from the range of Guillaume Guerin’s vineyards pays tribute to the wind that once rotated the sails of the windmill located on the property.

The creative work is leaning towards a sober and elegant graphic atmosphere with a refined allusion to the westerly breeze.

We have selected a noble component (Soft Touch Black) to emphasize the quality of the product and the refined embellishments (clear hot foil and hot foil 2690) which will give the packaging strength, modernity and freshness like the product

“As always a very nice collaboration with the MCC. We have very good feedback from our customers”

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