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Augmented Reality & NFC with Multi-Color Labels

Portfolio Categories: Beer and Cider.

Augmented Reality & NFC with Multi-Color Labels

Talkin’ Things and Multi-Color Corporation present a unique combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and NFC technology that has been embedded into a connected product to provide a completely new level of experience responding to customer’s emotions.


This Black Beer label showcases this combination of technology. Using the mobile app, Black, the skull character from the label comes to life and chats with the drinker.


This label demonstrates how advanced smart packaging can be, by interacting with the consumer via AR facial recognition and incorporates dynamic scenarios dependent on users’ emotions.



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Producer – Talkin’ Things and Multi-Color Labels
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Label Information

Varietal – Beer

Printing Press – Digital

Embellishments – Foil, Screen, Augmented Reality (AR) and NFC technology