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IPL Aupouri Sauvignon Blanc Wine Label

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IPL Aupouri Sauvignon Blanc Wine Label

Aupouri Sauvignon Blanc is a beautiful wine with a label that perfectly captures its essence at first glance.  What is in a label?  You may agree when we say “Everything!”  We pride ourselves in our unique ability to collaborate with customers and remain on the forefront of label innovation and technology.  The road from label conception to print is often complex, but a worthwhile challenge we readily accept.  We’re proud to share with you the design story for the Aupouri Sauvignon Blanc label.


Inception:  We were approached by the customer and designer with a design conception, draft, and a handful of pearlescent stones. We knew we wanted to recreate the lustre and depth captured by nature as seen in the stones and bring the vision of our customer to reality.  They had full faith in us to achieve the look they wanted and we began quickly working.


The Design Process & Technology:  We knew that to achieve the reflectance needed we could leverage our hot-foil technology.  Hot foil can come with challenges of unwanted reflections and colours if not used correctly. With our vast knowledge of overprinting foil, we used specialised ink formulations to keep the image as pure as possible whilst always referencing back to the source material.  We knew we also wanted a depth effect, which may initially seem impossible with 2D print.  Because we have our own in-house ink lab, when we shared this vision with our specialized Ink Technicians they were able to change the transparency of individual inks, so once layered on the label there would be a beautiful 3D-effect that is eye catching from the shelf.  Finally, we wanted to incorporate the Maori tribal pattern making it stand out, but not fight with the beautiful image to its left.  “What can give us a subtle unimposing finish but still compete on a level of quality and finish already achieved?”  There is really only one answer – Flat Bed De-bossing.  Flat Bed De-bossing can be deep and engage the eye with a sharp edge giving focus to the light that hits it.


The Final Product:  Printed on a Flexo press, with precisely selected design processes and embellishments, a beautifully created wine label was produced with a “wow” factor that blew the designer and customer away!


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Producer/Brand – IPL
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Label Information

Varietal – Still Wine

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Tactile, Hot Foils, Layered inks for depth & Deep Deboss