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Accolade Wines Barossa Ink Shiraz Wine Label

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Accolade Wines Barossa Ink Shiraz Wine Label

From the makers of the award-winning Grant Burge Barossa Wines comes this palate buster of a shiraz. Ink by name and ink by nature, this wine is sure to leave an impression on all.


“When we were considering the label for this intensely dark wine we wanted an eye catching design that balanced a clean, monochrome look with premium finishes.


The option to randomise the ink splashes in the background means that the bottles have an element of individuality, while the black varnish print and the wax seal replica suggests an opulence matched by the wine quality.”



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Producer/Brand – Accolade Wines
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Designer – Drink Works
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Label Information

Varietal – Wine

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Multiple Tactiles, Rich Black Ink, Faux Resin & Randomised ink splashes