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Hillcrest Wines Black Chalk Wine Labels

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Hillcrest Wines Black Chalk Wine Labels

Black Chalk Wine is wine proud of its English heritage, with roots firmly planted in the chalklands of southern England. They use the traditional method to create Black Chalk, using the tried and tested grape varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.


Black Chalk was used by the old masters to sketch ideas onto the canvas before painstakingly creating a masterpiece. At Black Chalk Wines, they hand-select the very best locally grown grapes before beautifully crafting each wine, they are not rushed but allowed time to age in order to produce English sparkling wine that stands out from the crowd.


“We found Multi-Color Label professional in our work with them, and they really understood our needs as a fledgeling company. They didn’t confuse us with jargon, we worked together as a team to create our striking labels – we are absolutely thrilled with the labels for our Black Chalk Wines.”
Rebecca Leadley, Hillcrest Wines.


Although Multi-Color Labels works with some of the biggest brands in the world, they all didn’t start off big, and we understand what it takes to support the brands to get there. We love the opportunities to work with vibrant start-up companies that don’t want to have to compromise on the quality of their labels for short runs and why should they.


Multi-Color Labels and Hillcrest Wines worked on a solution of using digital print to produce the Black Chalk Wine labels, allowing us to keep the tooling cost to a minimum with the excellent print finishes of Hot Foil and High Build screen to really add an extra dimension to the labels.


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Producer – Hillcrest Wines
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Designer – Pete Hawkins

Label Information

Varietal – English Wine

Printing Press – Digital

Embellishments – Tactile, Hot Foil, Special Cutter Shape