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Davna Czeri Cherry Vodka Label

Portfolio Categories: Spirit.

Davna Czeri Cherry Vodka Label

“A Real Beauty”: Davna Czeri Cherry Vodka, Sister to Davna Hani, striking colours in high build screen on paper for tactility, foiled for quality and good looks. High gloss ‘over label’ finishes the overall design.


The brief for H Syrah was to design a package that reflected a new, contemporary style. The cherry vodka label represents the experimentation and journey to discover a new paradigm.


Davna Czeri is a traditionally crafted Polish cherry vodka based on a recipe dating back 180 years. Handpicked ripe cherries from eastern & southern Poland are macerated in rye vodka before being aged in oak and blended with a range of spices including cinnamon, cloves, almonds & vanilla. The resultant spirit is unlike any other product currently available, exuding a sweet, fruity and compelling character that has masses of individuality and immense drinkability. Davna Czeri is a highly versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat over ice or in a multitude of different cocktail recipes.  A highly exciting addition to the vodka category, Davna Czeri Cherry Vodka is surely one of the year’s most exciting releases.

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Producer/Brand – Davna Vodka
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