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Flint Vineyard Charmat Rose Wine Labels

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Flint Vineyard Charmat Rose Wine Labels

Based in the sunny and sheltered Waveney Valley in south Norfolk, winemaker Ben Witchell crafts wines using a blend of innovation and a respect for tradition.


Flint Vineyard’s debut release includes the award-winning Bacchus 2016 which has been named East Anglia Wine of the Year 2017.


“What we really appreciated about working with Multi-Color Labels was the ability to pick up the phone and know that they would be able to answer any technical query we had and offer different solutions to achieve the desired effect within our budget. They offer a very high-quality print service with exemplary customer service to match. If you’re looking for high spec labels, Multi-Color Labels are the people to call.”

Hannah Witchell


“The design for the branding of Flint Vineyard and their wine labels was a collaboration between Chris Bedson Creative and Studio Hammond. Chris Bedson and Alex Hammond, old art college friends came together to work on this project.


We were inspired by the scientific processes employed by Ben Whitchell and we felt it was this that really set what Flint was doing apart from much of the competition. We came up with the Venn diagram graphic as a way of representing the scientific process of combining elements to create something new.”

Chris Bedson Creative and Studio Hammond

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Producer/Brand – Flint Vineyard
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Designer – Chris Bedson Creative
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Designer – Studio Hammond
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Label Information

Varietal – Charmat Rose

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Hot Foil, Custom Patterned Material, Blind Emboss