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Ginomics Triple Point Gin Label

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Ginomics Triple Point Gin Label

Ginomics Triple Point Gin is a premium craft gin distilled in Kennington, central London. They are small, innovative, and do things differently to most others.


The vast majority of gin on the market today is made in traditional copper pot stills. This method clearly produces outstanding gins, but they wanted to look to the future, do something completely different and use advances in technology to create an alternative reality to how gin is made.


So, Ginomics bought a large piece of laboratory equipment (known as a rotovap), which is designed to remove unwanted organic solvents from compounds, using this apparatus to remove the solvents from an ethanol/botanical mix, and dilute the resulting distillate to create a very much welcome and wanted product – premium craft gin!


“Ginomics came to us with the dream of creating a gin inspired by the cutting edge process behind the spirit. We developed the brand concept from scratch, including naming and brand direction, to create a strikingly clean and impactful packaging design inspired by space & technology.


We worked with Multi-Color Labels to fully realise our dream for this brand, and they delivered flawlessly as always. They were able to effortlessly implement our design concept with the most precise foiling, embossing and spot varnish in the business, allowing the bottle to sing!”
Benjamin Carr, Sant Harwicke


Sant Harwicke approached Multi-Color Labels with the Triple Point Gin label to produce a high quilty Gin label, but as a startup, they needed to be conscious to keep cost reasonable, the customer wanted to use a material with a fleck in, but as these can be very expensive and not always offer the high-quality finish it was advised on a simulation of the material which offers more control with the same look, after this, Multi-Color Labels looked to produce high-quality hot foil and high build screens that really bring the label to life.


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Producer – Ginomics
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Designer – Sant Harwicke
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Label Information

Varietal – Gin

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Tactile, Hot Foil, Material Simulation