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Concha y Toro Isla Negra Reserva Wine Label

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Concha y Toro Isla Negra Reserva Wine Label

“Brand Maintenance”: we took this on when the Reserva Wine label came to the UK market for bottling, brand maintenance was paramount. The identity is the same but we’ve added a screen to the print techniques. Fine foil work, mixed varnishes and etched illustration all finish off the detail.



Our wines are inspired by the pretty Chilean seaside village of Isla Negra; its colourful landscape, creative community, and breathtaking views of the ocean. This is a place filled with romance, creativity and adventure. Who doesn’t dream of days spent on the coast? Discovering a hidden cove and watching the sun go down with loved ones. Taking a boat trip across the ocean and making memories to last a lifetime. Foraging for shellfish and cooking delicious, fresh meals for your friends.


A sumptuous, smooth Merlot with notes of cherry, plum and dark chocolate. This is the ideal wine to serve with tomato based dishes; try a lasagne or pizza for a perfect match.

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Producer/Brand – Concha y Toro UK
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