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Flat bed Emboss and Hot Foil Labels

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Label Embellishments

Multi-Color UK have created a marketing piece to showcase the capabilities of their flat-bed foiling and embossing unit. In the shape of a whisky label the design has intricate multi height embossing and three foils, including rotary to give a luxurious and sculptured finish. The label also has special cut outs in the central part of the label.


With a limited edition of just 300 special blend whisky filled bottles each is hand numbered and finished with a resin seal exclusively available from Multi-Color produced in Italy.


“Exactly what we want to see from a leading label producer. Perfect timing as looking for something like this going forward for one of our wine brands”.
Concha y Toro


The whisky is blended by Compass Box, Elif Yontucu says: “We trust Multi-Color’s ability to overcome the most difficult of designs. Their focus on quality is admirable. They offer new solutions where necessary and do their up most to get the best result out of any label design. We can’t ask for more!”

Designer – United Creatives
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Label Information

Varietal – Whisky

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Resin, Multiple Hot Foils, Special Cut outs, Emboss & Sculpted Emboss