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Ponet Spirits Bishops Gin Label

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Ponet Spirits Bishops Gin Label

Bishop’s Gin A very unique London dry gin, crafted by Ponet Spirits. Devoted to the production of exceptional alcohols and Honoring the family origins of the Ponet distillery, founded in Hasselt 1763, and following in the footsteps of the great distillers.


Bishop’s Gin is the story of John Ponet, infused with a sense of adventure, discovery, and nonconformity. This 16th century English ecclesiastic, was a Master of Arts, became the Bishop of Winchester, and was a freethinker with a true passion for life. A maverick of his time, the bishop was one of the first Protestants to fight for religious freedoms and was a strong advocate for marriage within the clergy which caused quite a stir at the time.


Multi-Color Daventry was tasked with bringing to life the Bishops Gin label. Adding layers of texture to the label using screen we were able to separate elements from each other to give even greater depth to what is already a beautiful design.


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Producer/Brand – Ponet Spirits
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Designer – Stranger and Stranger
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Label Information

Varietal – London Dry Gin

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Tactile, Perfect Highlights