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White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Gin Label

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White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Gin Label

The look and feel for Shining Cliff Gin have been directly inspired by the history and heritage of the site in which it is made. Located on the edge of Shining Cliff woods, whose entrance sign has influenced the bespoke lettering. The Victorian flourishes give it a sense of place, linking it to the old victorian wireworks in which the gin is now made.


The distillery itself sits in a beautifully renovated building, full of unique details, textures, colours and patinas. All of these elements have influenced the colour palette used on the labels, and give the bottle a sense of place.


“Creating a label that was full of tactile and premium embellishments was paramount from the outset of the project. Bringing Multi-Color Labels on-board from an early stage really helped, particularly where we have reverse printed the front label – a beautiful element of discovery.”
Will Parr – Studio Parr


Multi-Color Labels have created many high-end labels before for Studio Parr, this being one of the more complex designs they have worked with them on. The design included back print, the idea of two different materials on the front that needed to be applied at the same time, multiple subtle colours giving a distressed look to the label and an embossed brass finish on the varietal label.


All of these this can cause issues when applying labels on a bottling line, Multi-Color Labels worked with White Peak Distillery to understand the equipment they will be using and quickly put together a package they knew would work.


A high density back print image can be an issue as it takes away the adhesive, but they worked to produce a solution that still keeps all the adhesive while giving clean application to the bottle.


Two materials on the same reel is a tough challenge and one that was overcome by printing a solid foil to give the look of two materials but allowing you to keep everything on the same reel and bottling all in one go.


Multi-Color Labels achieved a pretty spectacular result that applied perfectly, giving White Peak Distillery a seamless application and a beautiful product to sell.


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Producer – White Peak Distillery
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Designer – Studio Parr
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Label Information

Varietal – Gin

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Tactile, Hot Foil, Material Simulation, Emboss, Back Print