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Sartorial Spirits Twelve Keys No. 33 Gin Label

Portfolio Categories: Spirit.

Sartorial Spirits Twelve Keys No. 33 Gin Label

Sartorial Spirits create bespoke drinks from Vodka to Rum, Gin and Mezcal, they create spirits that indulge one’s taste buds and appeal to the eyes.


Twelve Keys Gin, inspired by the alchemic works of Basil Valentine of 1599, explores the concept of turning base metal into gold. In essence, a journey of mind and soul, taking something essentially simple to make something incredibly special. Fittingly, Basil was likely to have been several alchemists working as one, and the dawn of modern spirit as we know and drink it today.


The Twelve Keys Gin label is a treat for the eyes, with rich, deep blue uncoated paper, gold hot foiling, and fine emboss lines. Every embellishment is executed flawlessly to the highest standards Multi-Color can achieve so it is the absolute perfect version it can be.


“We are very new to the industry, and Multi-Color Labels were recommended to us as the printers of choice by our London based branding and design agency. Multi-Color Labels not only have an impressive and prestigious client list but a stunning portfolio of work, which gave great personal comfort that we’d come to the right place.


Although our volumes are low, Multi-Color Labels worked with us throughout our project as if we were a far more established client placing substantially larger order volumes; an essential level of client-focused care for new entrants which develops both trust and strong professional relationships.


We were not without our fair share of challenges in terms of bringing our product to market, but Multi-Color Labels committed wholeheartedly throughout, to which we owe them a huge gratitude of thanks, as we simply wouldn’t have launched on time without their support.


From the office based team to the staff on the shop floor, everyone at Multi-Color Labels is friendly, approachable and genuinely interested in our project and how to get the best of out of it. Their printing facilities are second to none, and they care passionately about the quality of the finished product, where attention to detail is par for the course; it’s often very subtle, but one can just tell the difference.


We are at the very beginning of our journey, but could not have better print partners in Multi-Color Labels. An essential and welcoming level of client-focused care for new entrants which develops both trust and strong professional relationships.”

Matthew Clifford, Founder

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Producer/Brand – Sartorial Spirits
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Designer – Stranger and Stranger
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Label Information

Varietal – Gin

Printing Press – Flexo

Embellishments – Deep Blue Ink, Hot Foil, Fine Emboss