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Creative Digital Labels – Make it Unique

Make it Unique

Digital Labels can offer you something that is both instant and engaging on a personal level.

Being able to communicate directly with your clients has never been more relevant than now;
the world we live in is changing at an unprecedented pace.

Collotype Digital Room Adelaide


Multi-Color UK has the knowledge to ensure you connect with your consumer as an individual. Our global reach and local insight is unrivalled in the Wine and Spirit category.

We give clients the freedom to react to trends in the market, extend product ranges, launch promotions, but most importantly of all, maximize your opportunities to increase the value of your brand and sell more products through intelligent and creative activities. Digital labels are more than just information, they drive change. 

Multi-Color UK is able to provide you with the tools to accelerate sales growth through innovation and speed to market whether globally or locally.

We understand digital technology and how to make the most of your designs, your ideas and your brands.

Collotype Digital Room Adelaide

 We have created over 1000 different pieces of art each with a unique number and name

Digital Labels closeup Name
Digital Labels closeup Number


In the same way that chromosomes and genes create who we are and make us unique, this digital communication is special. 

These images have been produced using the traditional tools of our trade, ink.  Using our knowledge to showcase the highlights of digital technology in the most powerful form, its capacity to involve the consumer.

C M Y K (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) are the foundations for any process image, this is nothing new. 
These special images have been created using the C M Y K inks allowing them to take on their own natural flow lines, no two images are the same.

The importance of creative thinking is the key to success, as with all innovation the simplest ideas turn out to be the best.


Digital Labels single XY
Digital Labels closeup XY
Digital Labels Text closeup XY
Digital Labels closeup Y

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